SSICA is a smartphone-based app that can scan student’s ID cards to track their daily activities, provide them with rewards and consequences.  When you are done scanning, by simply clicking one button you are able to download all the data (time student was scanned, who scanned it, etc.) onto an Excel spreadsheet. For example, let’s say your lunch detention staff member scans all the students who served lunch detention. At the end of lunch detention, the administrator is able to download an Excel spreadsheet with who was there, what time the ID card was stamped, and who scanned the student ID card. Keeping precise records is simple. Each user (staff member) receives a username and password. You determine how many users you need; it can range from 1 to 1,000+ users.  Can students use this app?  No, because they will have no credentials. How much does the app cost?  It’s free.  Download the app at your favorite store.  

How about if the student has no ID card?  Our app has a “Student Look Up” which allows the staff member to search by first name, last name, or ID number.  If your school has no ID card for your students,SSICA can provide you the ID cards that you need.
K-­12 and Universities May Use SSICA For:

– Free and Reduced Lunch

Scan a student’s ID card or manually input the student ID number to see if the student qualifies for free and reduced lunch. NOTE: Please note that each staff member has the option of scanning an ID card or manually inputting the student ID number for the services mentioned on this page.

– Lunch Detention

Scan student ID cards who report to lunch detention.

– Saturday School

Scan student ID cards who report to Saturday School.

– After School Detention

Scan student ID cards who report to After School Detention.

– Bullying

Scan a student’s ID card if the student was bullying another student or group of students. This is an excellent way to track bullying on campus.

– Nurse’s Office

When a student enters the nurse’s office, scan the student ID card to keep records of all students who came in. This will allow the nurse to keep track of students coming to see the nurse.

– After School Program

Scan student ID cards who report to After School Program. This is an excellent way to take attendance.

– Field Trips

Scan each student’s ID card when they load the bus or van to the field trip. This is an excellent way of taking attendance on who went on the field trip. The last thing you want to do is lose a student on a field trip.

– Tutoring after School

Scan student ID cards to take attendance of all students who were there present.

– Off Campus Authorization

This is an excellent way to see if a student is authorized to go off campus or not.  For example, if the student needs to serve a lunch detention, when the student’s ID card is scanned, it will tell the staff member that this student needs to serve a lunch detention.  Or if 9th graders are not allowed to go off campus, when the ID card is scanned, it will come up “Red” or not allow the student to go off campus.

– Event Authorization

Scan student ID card to see if the student is allowed to attend a school dance or a sports game.  For example, if the student was suspended from school and he cannot attend the game, when his ID card is scanned, it will come up with a “Stop” message not allowing this student to enter the event.

– PE Non-Dress

When students don’t dress out for PE, the coach can scan the student’s ID card to have a report of all students that did not dress out and provide a copy to the discipline office or the administrator in charge of discipline.

– Student Leaving Campus

No doubt that everyday each school has students who leave for a doctor’s appointment or for another reason.  Before the student leaves, scan the student’s ID card to have record that this student left.  In case of a lockdown, evacuations, or fire drill, you will have precise records during these events.

– State Assessment

Scan each student’s ID card who took the state assessment or district assessment.  At the end of the testing period, you will know exactly who took the assessment.

– Student Out of Class

When a student is out of class without a pass, scan the student’s ID card to provide consequences.

– Student Arrived Late

This one has many uses depending on your school.  For example, let’s say you wanted to provide consequences to students that came in late (either after lunch or after first period bell rang).  You can scan all the students coming in late to school and provide consequences.

– Positive Reinforcement

Let’s say you see a student do a good deed at school and you want to provide a reward to this student.  Scan the student’s ID card and build a report of students doing good things on campus.  Later, you can give away prizes to these students.

– ASB Stickers/Packages

Many schools sell packages to students that include discounts or free entrances to dances or other events. Instead of providing a sticker, why not associate the student’s ID card with those privileges making almost impossible for students to duplicate or cheat the system.

– Ticket Entrance to Events

You can scan tickets for events to validate them.

– Student Validation

With safety being a huge issue now days, some schools want to make sure that all students that enter the school are actual students that belong to the school.  Why not scan each ID card to see if the student is an active student? This is an excellent way to protect any school!

– Issue Equipment

Here is another excellent way to use this app.  Why not scan each student’s ID card who they check out sports gear, band gear, or any other gear.  This is an excellent way to track equipment.

– Returning Equipment

Once the equipment is out, why not scan the student’s ID card once they return their gear to the school.

– Inventory

Nowadays, keeping inventory of computers, laptops, LCD projectors, iPods, radios, and other important equipment is critical. Why not put a barcode on each device and track this equipment?  This is another option on how you can use our app.

A Powerful App

SSICA is a powerful app that every school should be using.  SSICA does connect to many Student Information Systems like Aeries, Powerschool, Infinite Campus, and so many other student programs.  SSICA allows all staff members to be on the same page in regards to student discipline, campus privileges, student rewards, and keeps the campus safe.  SSICA is able to determine if a student should be on campus or not.

Here are a few features that make SSICA a powerful tool:

1) Able to use SSICA on IOS or Android platform devices.
2) Free for staff and administrators to download.
3) Staff can use SSICA with Internet or without Internet.
4) SSICA can automatically assign lunch detention, Saturday School, and After School Detention by scanning an ID card.
5) Able to download a list from SSICA of every student who has Lunch Detention, Saturday School, or After School Detention.
6). SSICA sends an email at 4 pm and 11:45 pm to the administrator of all the scans performed for the day.
7) SSICA has the capability of sending emails to parents/guardians once an ID card is scanned.
8) If the student doesn’t have an ID card, you can search for the student by ID number or name.
9) By using SSICA, it keeps students accountable for their actions.