Tardies can be a never ending problem especially where there are no consequences and no communication with parents/guardians.  SSICA can help you address this issue and bring your numbers down by processing all tardies using the SSICA app.  How?  Administrators, support staff and teachers would use SSICA to process students coming in late to school.  When you process the tardy using the SSICA app, SSICA will send a text message to the parent/guardian and an email.  The text usually arrives in less than 3 seconds to the parent/guardian keeping them informed of the tardy.  What you will notice after a few weeks of doing this, parents/guardians will get involved each time their student arrives late to school or to a period.  You will see your tardies go down real fast.  For example, a school use to have about 150 students come in late to 1st period.  After using SSICA for two months, the school had days where they had days they had zero students late to 1st period.  As an administrator I learned early in my career that if you want to change student behavior, the parent/guardian needs to be involved in correcting the student’s behavior.  Imagine if you had to call parents for each tardy that would take a long time.  With SSICA each parent/guardian is notified via text.  Research shows that parents/guardians read a text message in the first 10 minutes.  Here is a sample text message the parent/guardian would receive:


SSICA can also automatically assign lunch detention when the ID card is scanned by the team because the student arrived late to class.  Reducing tardies is possible with SSICA and because tardies are decreasing your students’ grades will increase with a final result graduating rate increases.  Since the student is in school, your ADA ($$) also increases.  Just like Joe Williams, Assistant Principal, from Silverado High School told me, “SSICA pays itself and more” because of ADA increase.  Also, since SSICA can connect to SIS (e.g. PowerSchool, Aeries, Infinite Campus, Q, etc.), tardies can be uploaded to your SIS via our API.  No need for the double entry. Don’t wait, begin using SSICA at your school today! Begin changing school culture today!