Saturday School

SSICA can help you with Saturday School by helping administrators keep track of students who served or still owe a  Saturday School.  SSICA can also automatically assign Saturday School by simply scanning the students ID card from their smartphone or computer.

How does SSICA help manage students who still have a pending Saturday School session?  If a student tries to leave campus for lunch or enter a an after-school event; SSICA will notify the user that the scanned student owes a Saturday School and is not allowed to leave campus for lunch or enter an after-school activity/event.  Once the Saturday School is served and the students ID is scanned by SSICA, the student will then regain access to leave campus for lunch and participate in after school activities/events.

SSICA automatically generates and e-mails a report to administrators listing those those who attended Saturday School.   If the report is misplaced, the list can be downloaded again from  Assigning and managing Saturday School has never been easier before with SSICA.