Lunch Detention

SSICA can help you with Lunch Detention by tracking students who owe or have served lunch detention.  SSICA can also automatically assign lunch detention by simply scanning the ID card.

For example, if a school policy is after one tardy the student is assigned lunch detention and is scanned and processed by SSICA, if the student tries to leave campus for lunch or enter a school dance or sporting event, SSICA would notify the administrator that this student owes lunch detention and will not be allowed to attend/participate.

When a student enters lunch detention, staff can use SSICA to scan the ID and document that a student has served lunch detention.  Now that the student has been scanned, SSICA will then authorize the student to once again leave campus for and attend school dances or sporting events. lunch and SSICA will generate a report in form of a spreadsheet of all students who attended lunch detention.  Managing lunch detention couldn’t be easier with SSICA.