Lunch Detention

SSICA can help you with Lunch Detention.  This can be a full time job for any school (big or small).  SSICA helps you keep track of students who owe lunch detention and who have served lunch detention.  SSICA can also automatically assign lunch detention by simply scanning the ID card.  For example, let’s say your policy is after one tardy the student is assigned lunch detention.  Administrators and teachers would simply process the tardy using the SSICA app or and SSICA automatically assigns this student lunch detention immediately.  So if this student tries to go off campus for lunch or tries to enter the dance or sporting event; the user would be notified that this student owes lunch detention.  Students that owe lunch detention will come up Brown and student’s who owe no lunch detention and are allowed to enter the activity will come up Green.

When the student enters lunch detention, staff can scan the ID card using the SSICA app to document this student attended lunch detention. SSICA will generate an Excel spreadsheet of all students who attended lunch detention.  SSICA can also be set up so when the student exits lunch detention, the student’s color automatically goes back to Green so the student can attend any activity the school is providing.  Lunch detention couldn’t be easier with SSICA.  Teachers can also assign lunch detention by simply scanning the ID card or doing a look up on the app.  Administrators, teachers will love you for implementing SSICA at your school!