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Scan Student Identification Card Authorization

SSICA stands for Scan Student Identification Card Authorization. This is the program that many schools and universities have been waiting for. It allows teachers, staff, and/or administrators to use their smartphone or your PC/MAC to scan student’s ID card to provide rewards, consequences, keep the school safe and individuals out who shouldn’t be on school grounds and to track student activity. But the most important is that it holds students accountable for their actions. The SSICA app keeps the campus safe and intruders out.  SSICA is a hassle-free app and minimal training is needed. SSICA is compatible with various Student Information Systems like Aeries, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Illuminate and other programs used by schools. SSICA also allows communication with parents and guardians via text message (not push notifications) and email. Another great feature is that SSICA can provide the location of the scans. This is great like for Transportation if you would like to see where the student either entered the bus or exited the bus. You simply click on the coordinates and Google Maps opens up where the student was processed using the SSICA app. No matter the case, the administrator can see the exact location of the scan. In regards to SSICA sending an immediate email and/or text to parent/guardian when the student’s ID card is scanned or manually processed using the “Look Up” feature, parents/guardians can be up to date with their child’s activity. For example, let’s say you are scanning ID cards when students arrive late to school. SSICA can immediately send an email in English and Spanish to the guardian notifying them that their child ID card was scanned for being late to class and provide the time, date, and who scanned the ID card. SSICA is a powerful app available in IOS, Windows and Android and it’s FREE to download. I encourage you to go to Gallery on the menu listed above for some of my YouTube videos and pictures of staff members scanning ID cards. Feel free to download the app and use the following credentials to see the app in action:

Username: demo
Password: demo

All 5
While your staff is busy scanning student ID cards, all scans are recorded and archived in your SSICA account immediately once the ID card is scanned. Your view would look something like this (keep in mind you are able to search for students in your SSICA account):

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 5.31.02 AM

Using a Bluetooth Scanner with iOS or Android App. With SSICA 2.0, you can use a bluetooth scanner gun to process student ID cards. You can scan 45 ID cards per minute and you can have 10 or 100 people scanning ID cards at the same time. Here is a video showing you the speed of how fast SSICA 2.0 can scan using a Bluetooth Scanner: Video Using A Bluetooth Scanner

Student Picture. When a user processes student information, the app user as well as the proscanner.org user will have a picture come up of the student just as seen below. This is a great way to verify the student. Many schools have asked for this feature and it’s now available.

If the student doesn’t have their ID card, you can still search for the student using Look Up and use the student’s first name, last name or the student’s ID number. Keep in mind that if your ID cards don’t have a barcode, we can create new ID cards with a barcode so you can use SSICA at your school. Ask us how we can do this. Here is the view on the app to enter the student’s information when the student doesn’t have their ID card:

SSICA Kiosk. Install a kiosk at your school to process attendance, tardies and so much more. You can use a kiosk with a Surface Pro 3 or an iPad 12.9. You can use the camera on the device to process ID cards or for faster scanning, you can use a Bluetooth scanner connected to the Kiosk. With the Surface Pro 3 kiosk you can also connect a thermal printer to print classroom passes.

RTI, Support Period, or Access Period. As many of you know, RTI or the support period for the student can change on weekly bases because the needs of the student changes. Some schools have a special bell schedule to support RTI or the support period. How would teachers use SSICA? When a student arrives to the classroom for support, the teacher would scan the ID card or process the student’s information using SSICA. If the student supposed to be in that classroom, the scan result will be Green. If the student is not supposed to be in the classroom, the scan result will be Red. The teacher at this point would look at the scan result and tell the student he needs to go to Mr. Bello’s classroom for support because a Note would give this information to the person scanning. Only the students that are suppose to be in the classroom will come up Green on the scan result and all other students will come up Red. To scan 30 students into the class the teacher would take about a minute. Admin would get a report of all students that made it to the RTI or support period and the report will also tell admin who didn’t make it to the support period. The report is available immediately after teachers are done scanning. The team can check when the bell rings and see who didn’t make it to their class. SSICA will also provide a “Status Check” Button. This Button would be used for staff to check a student and see what class he is supposed to go to. This is great for campus supervisors, security and admin that are escorting students to the support period. How does SSICA know what class the student needs to go to? SSICA gets this information from the SIS system. As long as your SIS is updated with the support period each student is required to attend, SSICA takes care of the rest.

Scan using a Scanner Gun. Staff can also use a scanner gun to scan ID cards using their PC, Mac or Chromebook. This works great with Proscanner.org. I recommend the scanner gun for low light areas or when scanning ID cards speed is critical.

Validate Parking. You can use the SSICA app to validate cars for either students or staff. All you do you scan the ID permit to see if the car is authorized to park there. If it comes up Green then the car is allowed to park there. If it comes up Red the car should not be parked there. You can also scan the barcode when students are leaving campus. The uses are endless!

School Passes. SSICA can now generate passes using Proscanner.org. This great for Attendance or teachers in printing passes for students. How does it work? The staff members scan the ID card and then the user clicks on “Print Pass” from the result. This is how the Pass will look like. It includes the student’s picture since substitutes don’t know all of the students in the classroom.

Location. This is a great way to find the exact location of where the scan took place. All the administrator of ssica.org needs to do is go into Scans for Today, locate the student and click on coordinates and a map opens up where the student was processed. This is great in so many instances. For example, this is great for Bus Transportation. Let’s say your bus drivers are scanning the students exiting the bus. A principal calls your dispatcher asking if Melissa Lim made it home. The dispatcher would simply to go to Scans for Today in wwww.ssica.org, search for the student and click on the coordinates. Your dispatcher will be able to provide the date, time, and the exact location the student was dropped off.

Changing student color is very easy and can take less than 10 seconds. You simply search for the student in the Roster and change the color. In this area you would also include the email and/or parent/guardian phone number since SSICA can automatically send emails and texts as you will see below. You also have an option of 4 lines to include notes of your choice. Also, the administrator has an area to input comments that don’t show up when the student’s ID card is scanned. This is an area to write notes that are meant for the administrator and not intended for staff. Here is the view for the administrator on www.ssica.org:

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.32.39 PM

Receive Scans Daily by Email

At the end of the day you will receive a csv (Excel) file with all of the scans for the day providing detail information about all of the activity that occurred during the day. You can also schedule hours during the day so SSICA can automatically send you CSV files of the scans during the day. For example, a school in McFarland requests that an email be sent at 9 am and 2 pm so attendance can input the tardies into their SIS. Here is an example from the demo account:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.37.06 PM

Email in English and Spanish to Parent/Guardian Once ID Card is Processed

You also may wish to use the Automatic Email feature once an ID card is scanned or the student’s information is manually inputted into the app. The email sent to the parent/guardian would state the following in English and Spanish:

Print __ Workspace Webmail2

Text Message to Parent/Guardian in Less than 3 Seconds Once ID Card is Processed – Text in English and Spanish

SSICA can also text message parents/guardians automatically once the ID is scanned or the ID number is manually entered into SSICA. This is great when you want to notify parents immediately about an action the student took (keep in mind that you can email and text the parent simultaneously or send one or the other depending on how you setup the feature). For example, you may wish to send a text message and/or email when a student is tardy to school. You may also want to notify the parent/guardian once the student entered the dance or when the student left the dance. Transportation may wish to send a text to parents once the student is dropped off at their home. The way you use this feature is endless. One of the biggest complaints I have received as an administrator is the lack of communication with the parent when behavior issues occur. Well, this is one way to address this since once the staff member scans the ID card, the text arrives at the parents/guardians phone in less than 3 seconds. Here are a few samples of the texts sent to the parent or guardian immediately after the ID card was scanned or the student information was manually inputted into the SSICA app or Proscanner:

PDF or Excel Attendance Sheets

SSICA can also assist you for creating attendance sheets. You simply scan the ID card or manually enter the ID number into the app of the students entering Saturday School, taking a state assessment, riding the bus, or for any reason you need to scan students into an event, click on “Attendance” sheet in your ssica.org account and instantly create your Attendance sheet in either PDF or Excel. This is great if you need to print the attendance sheet using a tablet or a smartphone. Here is an example of an actual attendance sheet from one of the schools:

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 6.12.11 PM


Since many staff members don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to use their smartphone, I have created www.proscanner.org where you can use your app credentials to log on to a computer (Mac or PC) and use your browser to manually input student ID cards or use your laptop camera to scan ID cards. Here is what you see:

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 6.35.08 PM

Since teachers need to communicate with parents/guardians sometimes in groups of students, SSICA has the capability to send multi message at once. Let’s say you have 15 students in your class doing a great job and they are working on the assignment and you would like to let their parents/guardians know that they are on task. Simply go to Proscanner.org, click on the correct Button for positive behavior and enter the ID number of the students and click “Submit”. You have now sent 15 text messages and emails to parents/guardians notifying them that their child is doing a great job in the classroom. Keep in mind that each text message would go out customized with student name, the reason why they received the message and the name of the teacher.

SSICA Can Connect to Student Information Systems

SSICA can connect to Student Information Systems like Aeries, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, and other programs used by schools. As long as the program has an API or the district is willing to use an FTP, SSICA can connect to your school program keeping up to date SSICA with new students, update phone numbers, and drop students that have been withdrawn. This makes SSICA a very valuable app to any SIS system that provides an API or a district willing use an FTP.


Scanning and Safety Go Hand-­In-­Hand

Each student should have an ID card or an assigned student number composed of numbers and/or letters. Our system works with most bar codes used by schools and universities. If your school doesn’t have ID cards we can provide you quality ID cards that work best with our app. This ID will allow school officials to monitor all students and provide consequences and rewards when the student’s ID card is scanned or the student’s ID number is manually inputted into your device. You will be required to download the student database to your smartphone daily by using 3G, 4G, or WiFi but you will not need Internet to scan ID cards or manually enter the student’s ID number. The database is a small file that doesn’t take much room in your device so even if you have an 8 GB device that should be more than plenty of room for a student population of over 3,000 students. Scanning each ID card can take between 1 to 2 seconds depending on your device. Some schools using this app can scan between 300­‐400 students in about 6 minutes allowing ample time for the students to go off campus for lunch

Google Drive


SSICA Rosters can now connect to Google Docs. This is great because maybe your SIS can’t compute special formulas (like GPAs) but you can do this using Google Spreadsheets. SSICA can connect to your Google Doc and upload information to SSICA at 7:45 am, 11 am, and 2 pm. SSICA can also change the Validity (color) and do much more.

IT Services

We can provide Tech Support to Schools that need help in connecting SSICA to your SIS. We can even provide script or code that would allow SSICA to obtain vital information from your SIS and upload data to your SIS at an additional charge. We can also provide IT Services for other areas that you may need support like in creating programs for other programs you are currently using and creating new apps (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows and browser based programs) for your school or district. With experience in many SISs and IT education, it’s a win-win situation for any school or district needing support in these areas. We will then submit your app for patent utility and to all stores. Give me a call for a quote.


You are never alone when you need to setup your account. Here is a tutorial that will help you setup your account:

Tutorial on how to use SSICA (Click Here)


Data security is one of our number one priority.  We are compliant with HIPAA and FERPA and use a number of security protocols to ensure your data is 100% secure in SSICA.

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Our program works on both Android and iOS phones and we are ready to offer this service to schools nationwide. Give us a call anytime to get more information about SSICA at (559) 393-7322 or email Dr. Chavez at pchavez@ssica.org.

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