DOCUMENTS to Download

As an administrator you may need a flier or a supporting document for staff and teachers.  Here are a few that you can use:

Document on how to use SSICA and Proscanner:  SSICA for Teachers and Staff 2017 General

For Parents in Spanish and English:  SSICA Parent Letter

SSICA Flier for Schools/Districts:  SSICA Flier 2019

SSICA Presentation (PPT in PDF):  SSICA Presentation in PDF format


Use SSICA to see if students or staff members have the Coronavirus

Interview with Mr. Simpson from San Jacinto High School in California.

Scan ID cards using the camera on your PC, Mac, or Chromebook.

NEW! Facial Recognition is here!  See how SSICA can process behavior by using the student’s face.

Print Classroom Passes using a Mobile Printer like Brother RJ-4040 (Click link below to see video)

Mobile Classroom Pass using Brother RJ-4040

Scan ID Cards using an iPod Touch and Print Passes using a Thermal Printer

SCAN QR Code from Apple Watch

WATCH THIS ONE:  SSICA can send text message and phone call by simply scanning the ID card.

Use the front of the camera of an iPad to process student ID Cards.

A variety of kiosks are available to process student behavior.

Classroom Passes.  See how fast SSICA can print classroom passes for students arriving late to school.

This video showcases our mobile kiosk that can be used at school or organization that needs to scan ID cards.

The following video shows you how you can use a Bluetooth Scanner gun with your tablet or smartphone as well as an iPod.

The following video shows you how to use your iPod and a Bluetooth Scanner to process student ID cards.

This video shows you how to use your iPad and a Bluetooth Scanner to process student ID cards.

This video provides an overview of how SSICA 2.0 app works and how you can use it at your school.

This video shows you how to download the data of all scans for the day.

The above video is a short ABC report on SSICA.

Here are some pictures of SSICA.