School Safety

Keeping any school safe should be the priority of any student, parent, teacher and administrator.  An important tool and resource for any school or district in keeping their school safe is SSICASSICA is a program that allows staff (teachers and administrators) to use their smartphone, tablet or computer to process students coming onto the school.  How does it work?  You would use the SSICA app on your smartphone or computer and scan the ID card of students coming onto school.  When the user scans the ID card, it will tell the app user if this individual is allowed to enter the school or not.  It can also warn administrators if someone has tried to come onto campus.

When a user scans the ID card of the student, the user can also obtain information about the student like the parent(s) name and phone number, picture of the student, and information pertinent to the student.  SSICA can also notify parents/guardians when the student has entered the school by text message (not push notification) and by email.  The text can go out in multiple languages.  Other information can be provided to the person scanning like if the student is suspended, expelled and other information needed to keep the school safe.

How about if the student doesn’t have an ID card?  Staff can still use SSICA to do a Look Up or to search for the student by first name, last name or ID number.  But SSICA can also be a valuable tool during a lock down, shelter in place or fire.  How?  When a lockdown occurs, all staff members need to shelter in place in a building or a classroom.  Once the teacher or staff member has all students in their classroom, the staff member can process the students in their classroom or building and notify admin of which students are there with them using the app.  SSICA will automatically send a text message notifying the parent/guardian that the student is “safe and healthy” in the classroom with the staff member.  The parent/guardian would receive the text in less than 3 seconds and the email would arrive in about a 1 minute.  Usually during a lockdown, parents/guardians don’t know about the well being of their child until hours later.  With SSICA, that issue is resolved.  The text would include the student’s name, the person who processed the student and that the student is safe just as pictured above.  School administration would also get a report of students accounted for and which students are missing.  All this done in seconds!  The best thing about SSICA is that only cost a fraction of what a school officer would cost per year per site.

With SSICA, the school district can use SSICA to scan adult ID cards to see if they are authorized to take a student out of school.  The school can set up stations with a SSICA Omni Directional scanner where the adult can scan their ID card (e.g. license, passport or other ID card authorized by the district) and the school can see if this individual is able to take the student out of school.