SSICA is a simple but very powerful program that can change school culture immediately.  Schools and districts are using SSICA on a daily bases and understand that SSICA is no longer an option but a requirement for the school.  Here are a few testimonials from administrators in multiple schools:

Tony R. (Assistant Superintendent at Tulare Union S.D)“Dr. Chavez created an app that our district has needed for many years. Our schools have benefited so much by using SSICA daily.”

Dario D. (Administrator at McFarland H.S.) – “Thank you for making our lives much easier.

Ingrid M. (Staff member at Tulare Union H.S.) – “I love it.  I think it’s a fabulous app!!!”

Vanessa R. (Administrator at McFarland H.S.) – “It is awesome!  Our tardies have decreased thanks to SSICA”

Roy L. (Teacher at Mt. Whitney H.S.) – SSICA has helped us keep our campus safe and keep students accountable for their actions.  SSICA has been a game changer at our school and it’s so easy to use.

Danny S. (Administrator at Tulare Union H.S.)“Students are now making it on time to campus thanks to SSICA.  If student’s come late to school, they can’t go off campus at lunch.  When we scan the student’s ID card for arriving late to class, SSICA automatically sends a text to the parent/guardian and sends an email home.  Communication with parent/guardian is now immediate.”

Lenni V. (Administrator at Dublin High School) – “Thank you so much for your quick responses, immediate support and constant improvements.

Jeff L. (Campus Supervisor at Mt. Whitney H.S.)“SSICA has been an excellent app that I’ve used on my iPhone.  It helps me keep track of students tendencies so our school can be proactive.  The app has been wonderful for keeping data in regards to leaving campus, as well as tardies.”

Gigi C. (Administrator at North Monterey County M.S.) – “This app is great that Dr. Chavez has created.  Every school needs to have this app.”

Javier A. (Teacher at Clovis East H.S.)“It’s great to see an app that scans ID cards that works with Internet and without Internet.  I must have for any high school.”

Sherry C. (Staff member at Selma HS) – “Great way to take attendance for our lunch hour instruction using SSICA.”

Here are a few schools that are using SSICA:

School List

Need references in regards to SSICA?  Contact Dr. Chavez and he is willing to provide you references of administrators and staff members currently using SSICA.