During any Emergency staff, teachers and administration needs to work fast and efficiently. Once students are put into classrooms or buildings which are deemed safe, staff need to report to administration which students are in the classroom or building with them. SSICA is a tool that can help the situation in knowing where students are at and which students have been accounted for. Once a teacher or staff member is in the classroom with their students, the staff member will use their smartphone, tablet or computer to process which students are with him. Once all teachers are done processing the students with them (they can scan the ID card using the SSICA app or they can manually type in the student information using the Look Up feature in SSICA. Once the staff member processes the student, SSICA will notify the parent/guardian via text and email that the child is “safe” with the teacher including his name in the text message. This is done automatically by simply scanning the ID card or inputting the student’s information into the app. The text message arrives in less than 3 seconds to the parent once the student info is processed and the email arrives in about a minute.

The administration team will receive an email from SSICA with a report of all students who have been processed by staff and will also include which students haven’t been “scanned”. This will allow for administration to focus on these students who are missing or not yet accounted for. Since staff can scan students coming in to their classroom, SSICA will automatically send 4 attendance reports during an hour, 15 minutes apart from each report, updating administration of which students are still missing. This is an effective way to taking attendance during any emergency no matter what time is it during the day.